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kiiiiiiinda re-designed the contact page because I kind of wanted it to be divided in half (kinda) but also it’s bothering me so I will figure out… what to do about it… at some point… I have like zero inspiration and my mental health is making my brain poop so


also! added a new page to grow since I remembered that I just like designing random things for no purpose because I just like making things. so. there is that.


so I make a Mark/Eduardo shrine – is anyone surprised? – and also wrote like. 12k of the movie summary (from their POV) and also like 5k meta on each of their personalities. lmao. Eduardo’s was pretty hard since my whole interpretation of his personality is below the surface which was difficult since the movie presented his personality strictly surface level. admittedly Mark was hard to do too, but only because I feel like I understand him so well it was just difficult to just not like, ramble about whatever. I had to make it organized and shit.

but yeah, so that. and I need to write the other meta too – I was thinking I would just do it chronologically as the pages are presented – but my inspiration for it is like… dying… which is annoying since I prefer doing these things all at once, and also so they get finished soon and are presentable in full. so. weh.

also, I reconfigured dapple heart to be for shrines, as you do. I’m generally just bad at updating my fanlistings so they usually get taken off within like six months (and I’m also bad at notifying the mods about going on hiatus…) so I’m just going to reconfigure them to be shrines. presentation-wise I’ve already done that, but for them to be actual shrines I’m going to need to write more pages on both kyusung and Edward Eager. Eager I’m fine to do, but kyusung… it’s been a long time… and my energy debilitates so rapidly these days. ugh.

BUT. yeah.

also I have a full version of Photoshop again hehehe

I still keep your pictures

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HELLO FRIENDS I come back from the dead.


New section of my website called Masterball… and predictably (if you know me and a bit about Pokemon) it’s about Pokemon. I’ve been itching to make a new website-type thing for a while and a part of me has been going “hey hey hey you love a lot of things why not make shrines” and then another part of me is like “UGHHHHH GRAPHICS.” But also – I love Pokemon? And a nice way for me to get into making Pokemon shrines is to get me to make a Pokemon website that is purely self-indulgent (e.g. listing literally all of my Pokemon teams for over the past decade and a half…) which will get me to make Pokemon shrines which will get me to make shrines for other stuff.

(like the Social Network. ahaha)

Though at the moment I’m using the trial version of Photoshop because since my computer died last October, my… uh… original version of it is gone. So I might ask for it for my birthday in a few months? Anyway, I’m thinking about going back to school to study something along those lines but that’s… waves hands.

Nevertheless, I’m really pleased with how Masterball turned out. The “Trainer” section was really easy for me to make since most of the generation pages follow a similar layout/framework (and all use the same CSS) so it was just a matter of busywork and implementing the data, pulling out my 3DS and checking all the moves and ribbons. Plus, seeing how subtly different I could make each page – the text/box shadow element for the 3DS games I think is a really inspired idea, I’m pleased with myself with that P: And the Platinum page, which raised a key issue but I think I absolved it pretty well. The index page of the Trainer section itself was another matter to fight, since I wasn’t sure what to do with what is now the pop-up info box on it… but I think that’s much classier than what I had before (just content below the links.)

The gym section is more… half-assed and inconsistent. Does it make it better if I say it was intentional? I think it would’ve been really cool if I just used javascript on all the pages, but my javascript knowledge (writing scripts from scratch, that is) is severely limited – I fought with it for like two hours on the “bag” section, just for the Bicycle flavor text. And then I spent like, way too long making linkback buttons, but I had a pretty good idea of how they’d be in my mind and in a strange twist of irony they required me to actually draw on photoshop – I mean, I use shapes because I don’t have a tablet and I can’t draw – but I made those dreams come true, so yeah. I’m actually really happy with how everything turned out, even the “fight” (actual ~content~/site info type stuff) part, which is kind of reaaaally lazy and sloppy looking but in a sort of charming way? Although honestly despite my pleasure as soon as I tweeted about it (i.e. Publishing The Website, in my book) I got a weird amount of self-hatred, like the same type I get after I publish fic that I’m pseudo proud of. Brain, wtf??? anyway

SO YEAH, THAT. Hilariously I actually do enjoy making the four different types of pokeball themes – the masterball theme, the original pokeball for someone’s PC (that will eventually host my nonexistent shrines), the premiere ball for responsive error, and the Love Ball for the affiliates section. and yes that is a Love Ball! because I love my friends (even though I only have Mishiro linked there for now… hehe) it’s hilarious because that requires me to draw shit from scratch on PS, but also it’s really simple editing. and I picked simplistic pokeballs to emulate.

but, like every February, I’m looking to do website stuff again. and maybe this will stay, although I can’t say how likely that is if my writer’s block goes away when my coding binge is over – that tends to happen.

Anyway, I updated things – link exch/affiliate stuff, added masterball to my main site and actually thought to make a vaguely unnecessary refresh section so it would be a nice even 6 part grid instead of suffering through the unevenness of the number 5. and basically other small stuff there… you can check it out if you want, but the most important thing is that ever since I got this new annoying retina screen laptop, I feel obligated to make retina-friendly images now. so I made most of the images on the main that.

Here, I got rid of the web hosts page! It was really outdated and I’m not that invested in keeping it updated anyway. Lysanthius has a much more updated (and prettier, imo) free hosts list here so if that interests you at all still, refer to her article now that mine is gone!

Also, also, you might’ve noticed that the other half of my sidebar is only a search box. that’s because I accidentally deleted all my old widgets there like, 10 months ago, and I got kind of upset with myself and haven’t had the motivation to fix that since. BUT. I will fix that soon. I’m gonna add it to my to-do list on listography first.

aaaaaaaaaaand yeah. that’s all for now folks.

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