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I realized just how much space I have (I HAVE SO MUCH) so I made a site for my fanfiction lmao. took a while to move everything¬†again but whatever I played with stuff and it kept me busy so it was fun :B I think there were a few other things I wanted to do so… yeah… I want to do minimal designing but maximum coding which is kinda hard to do as a webdesigner lmao ?_? I let most of my fanlisting apps go to waste because I didn’t want to make placeholder layouts which is kinda :( but yeah. *shakes fist at design block*

anyway, re: writing it’s best that it’s super simple and like early 2000’s aesthetic, so that was just more busywork for me than anything lmao.

oh I also redesigned the ps & portal – the latter more subtly. ps’s redeesign made me take it off the grid which is fine in all honesty but now it looks weird haha. I still need to think of another necessary and not extraneous and also interesting website to make, haha………………… yeah

I’ll get on the web hosts stuff soon

Design block

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Sorry :(

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